ISF-2 YOUNG | JULY 5-6, 2017 | SAN DIEGO, CA

Inspired by the success of other young researchers meetings (e.g. the Gordon Research Seminar), we invite PhD students, post-docs, and other young scientists to present their research in the Solar Fuels field at ISF-2 Young.  

This special meeting provides a forum for young scientists to share and discuss their research with each other in a more familiar atmosphere. Oral presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts covering a wide variety of topics dealing with Solar Fuels in the same interdisciplinary spirit as the main ISF-2 conference. The program will also feature three invited senior plenary speakers, two poster sessions, a dinner and after-party, and other activities, providing many opportunities for discussion and networking amongst each other.

The organizing committee is composed of students working in the Solar Fuels field at UC San Diego. 


"Learning from Nature How to Make Solar Fuels" 

Gary Brudvig
Benjamin Silliman Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Mol. Biophys. & Biochem.
Director, Yale Energy Sciences Institute
Yale University


"Adventures in Solar Fuel Productions: Thermodynamics, Integrated Materials, and Inspiration from Biology"

Jenny Yang
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of California, Irvine

"Carbonate-Catalyzed CO2 Utilization"

Matthew Kanan
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Stanford University